Benchmark Simulation Model 2 (BSM2)

The BSM2 layout includes BSM1 for the biological treatment of the wastewater and the sludge treatment. A primary settler, a thickener for the sludge wasted from the BSM1 clarifier, a digester for treatment of the solids wasted from the primary clarifier and the thickened secondary sludge as well as a dewatering unit have been also added. The liquids collected in the thickening and dewaterign steps are recycled ahead of the primary settler.

Schematic layout of BSM2

An important part of the development of BSM2 has been to implement the ADM1 model for the anaerobic digester. This has implied some slight changes with respect to the original version of ADM1 as well as the development of calculation procedures in order to have a reasonable calculation time for the whole BSM2 plant. Further details on that section can be found in the ADM1 section

A full description of BSM2 is available here.

The influent data file (compressed) is available here.